Thursday, January 20, 2011


There is an old, abandoned house down the street where I live that I pass once in a while. It takes on a different face, mask, persona during the different seasons. In the Spring and Summer months, the House disappears into a grave of lush green foliage...vines, branches, leaves, and grass make the coffin for this once majestic structure, full of life and memories. In the Fall and Winter, the House awakens out of its lush grave, and stands as a Ghost of the Past, a reminder to everyone that sooner or later, we all surrender to nature...It takes back what we have taken, by force or by other means. For me, the House holds a mystery - questions that I may never find the answers to - Who were you? What memories would you share with me, if you could? Why have the people, who you once sheltered and protected, suddenly leave you, alone and unprotected? Do you hate those who left you behind? Are you sad that they had to or were forced to leave? What would you say to them?

For me, photography is a way to capture some of these mysteries. A way to somehow give these abandoned objects some of their dignity and respect back to them by showing the world, those who are looking, their beauty, their souls, their mystery.



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