Monday, January 30, 2012


Hi there...remember me? I apologize for the lack of activity both here, at Flickr, and at Camera-i Photo Studio. I realize that as a photographer, one must be committed to ones craft in order to be successful...but, to be honest with you, I see my success every time I look into the eyes of my wife and my son. Right now, at this moment in my life, I am focusing my total attention on my family, and to be honest with you all, I am really tired! Man, is this a full time job. Don't let anyone fool you.
Recently, I read and commented on a group site that I understood that in order to be successful, one had to sacrifice family commitments and other events that are not pertaining to ones craft, but what a price to pay. My son is beginning to speak and interact, and express himself, and I am just diggin' it! I imagine myself out photographing all over the world, or all over Chester County/PA, and I think at all the events in my son's life that he is experiencing for the first time, and I would have missed it.
Then I hear of the horror stories of how children who have not had both parents in his/her life really suffer because of this lack of a bond between the child and the parent who is always working or out of the home a lot.
I am taking photographs, don't worry, and I promise to post them real soon. I am participating in a fine art show this week at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA - 315 Warren Avenue. The show is free and open to the public. The show runs from Feb. 1st - 5th. Wednesday - Saturday 11-8; Sunday 11-4. On Friday, there will be a reception/meet the artist party from 5:30-8:00...I hope you all can make it.
Thank you for your patience. Peace.
Luis A. Morales

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