Friday, July 16, 2010

Captured Sunlight

For me, there are certain colors that are hard to capture correctly...mainly reds and yellows. I know there are others, but these two colors really are tough. I was out shooting at Chanticleer, and the sky was threatening rain. I thought I would take a chance and fired off a couple shots of this beauty before I headed home. I am happy with the results. I corrected the color cast and added a Glamour Glow. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ever Get That Feeling...

OK...This is a continuation from the last photo...I got to the location where I wanted to begin photographing, and I came upon several sheep. At first there was just one, then another, then another, until all four were just staring at me...not was a bit creepy and interesting at the same time. Cats are like that. They'll stare at you for a bit, then look away as if to say, "I am done with you...Good-bye." A friend of mine showed me a photograph of one of his cats, and it was a perfect example of a stare down...It is a beautiful photograph, but I remember those eyes...staring...

Lost In Time

There was a moment when time, for me was at a crawl...a time when it seemed like summer took forever to get here and took forever to leave...amazing how time has changed that perception. This photo was lost in my computer...I remember taking the photo, studying the scene, checking the composition, reshooting, then moving on to the next scene. I remember coming home, downloading the photos, then...time flew by, and this photo was forgotten, until now.